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Noteable Awards


President’s Award for Leadership-Great Dane Award (2012-2013) (2016-2017)


Given to any organization that has demonstrated leadership in several initiatives or significant leadership in one activity during the current year. 

Outstanding Pre-Professional & Academic Group (2010-2011) (2011-2012) (2016-2017)


This award recognizes our outstanding commitment to educating others regardless of our pre-professional and/or academic field of choice through programming during the 2010-2011 academic year.


Community Partnership Award (2009-2010) (2010-2011) (2011-2012) (2012-2013) (2013-2014) (2014-2015)


This award recognizes that ABLE assisted a student organization in accomplishing their mission statement.

Outstanding Professional Networking Program (2015-2016)


This award recognizes that ABLE has provided numerous opportunities for members to network with professionals and alumni.


President’s Award for Leadership-Community Service Award (2009-2010) (2010-2011) (2017-2018)


This award recognizes the group’s significant contributions to the quality of student life on campus.