Jason Cotugno
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Jason Cotugno

Faculty Advisor


Undergraduate Student Services

School of Business

I have been serving as the Faculty/Staff Advisor for ABLE since 2008. During this time, I've been a fixture at the weekly e-board meetings providing input on programs, events, and activities as needed. I am truly impressed by the incredible students who make up the executive board. Their commitment and dedication has enabled the club to grow with each passing school year. In April 2012, I was honored to receive the Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award during the annual President's Awards for Leadership Ceremony. In addition to supporting ABLE, I also an one of the two Academic Advisors in the School of Business. (along with the Director of Undergraduate Student Services, Susan Maloney).

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Emma Femiano



Dual Major in Business Administration Concentrating in Marketing and Management and Communications

The best decision I’ve made so far in my college career was joining ABLE. The people on E-Board were so warm and inviting that I decided to give the intern position a shot. After working as an intern my first semester, I was sure I wanted to continue to grow with this club, so I applied for E-Board and took on the role of Community Service President. This year, I am honored to be the President of this fantastic organization, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. ABLE has molded me into the person I am today, given me professional skills that have helped in all areas of my life, and has given me a home away from home. I look forward to paying it forward this year!

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Steven Lopeck

Vice President


Business Administration Major with Concentrations in Marketing and ISBA with a Minor in Urban Studies and Planning

Senior year of High School I came across ABLE’s Instagram and I knew I wanted to get involved with it. I met a couple of Executive Board members at Block Party and after hearing everything ABLE had to offer, I knew I had to join. I quickly became friends with other members along with E-Board and this gave me the confidence to apply to be an intern. Soon after my internship I gained the Director of Affairs position and I love every minute of it! Recently I gained the Vice President title and I’m so excited to represent such a strong and hardworking group here at the University. In a short period of time, ABLE has taught me the necessary skills needed to be successful in the professional world and it has also led me to meet a great group of people. I can't wait to see what the next two years brings ABLE.

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Logan Lis



Dual Major in Communications and Business Administration with Concentrations in Marketing and Management with a Dual Minor in Economics and Sociology

I joined ABLE during the fall semester of my freshman year and this will be my second semester as a member of the E-Board. I joined ABLE because of my passion for leadership and desire to continue gaining knowledge in professional development. I was made very aware of all of the networking opportunities available to members which has helped me find others with similar interests and the obvious- make the most amazing friends. I love that this club is so versatile with different social events, fundraising activities, community service, and workshops. There’s always something going on with us and just can’t wait to expand our ABLE family!

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Hannah Anuszewski



Major in Accounting with a Minor in CEHC

When you start college, everyone always encourages you to be as involved on campus as you can be. I attended the ABLE informational my freshman year, after my sister had told me what a great organization it was. The executive board’s friendliness and willingness to welcome me gave me a good feeling towards the organization right away. For someone like myself being very shy at the time, the executive board made it really easy for me to come out of my “shell” and this has had an ever lasting effect. I applied for the executive board internship my fall semester, sophomore year and after having that position, I built up the courage to go for the Treasurer position the following spring semester. I’ve created not only amazing friendships and memories that will last a lifetime but also lifetime skills that has put me ahead of my peers. I decided to take a chance on ABLE and it was one of the best decision I’ve made. 

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Michael Mariani

Fundraising President


Business Administration Major with Concentrations in Management and Business Analytics with Minors in Political Science, Sociology, and Educational Theory

At the advice of ABLE’s incredible faculty advisor, I attended the ABLE informational session in September of my freshman year and knew instantly that I needed to be a part of this organization. Through continued hard work, as well as skill refinements taught at our weekly meetings, I joined the E-board team in my second semester here at UAlbany. Though the pandemic has lead much of our programming to be virtual this year, I couldn’t be happier with all we’ve accomplished this year. In the years to come, I’m excited to continue to grow in my fundraising role to help provide ABLE and her members with the programs and activities they have come to expect from this storied group.

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Harsh Dawar


Dual Major in ISBA and Mathematics

As an international student from India, I was always looking for opportunities to learn more and ABLE gave me the conducive environment to not only grow professionally but also personally. I started as a member in my sophomore year and quickly worked my way up as an intern. That opportunity not only taught more about ABLE but also helped me learn to network and be a hard worker. I decided to apply for the Intern Coordinator position in my Junior year, even though I was taking classes remotely from India. The e-board was always there to support me and understood my situation and have been nothing but wonderful. The social events have been some of my highlights at UAlbany and I can’t wait for every student out there to experience them. ABLE will always give you more than what you put in, all you need is a hunger for learning and an open mind to meeting new people.

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Rebecca Bitman

Events Coordinator


Business Administration with Concentrations in Marketing and Management with Minors in Sociology and Criminal Justice

I joined ABLE the first semester of my freshman year, and I quickly realized how much this club had to offer. After attending weekly meetings and several events, and seeing how welcoming the E-Board was, I knew that I wanted to apply for an E-Board position during my sophomore year. I am so glad that I was given this opportunity because I want to offer others the amazing experience that ABLE provides. I think that one of the best parts of our club is that there is a professional side where we can learn how to assist in our future careers and make connections with others, as well as a social side where we can bond with our fellow club members. I am really looking forward to planning exciting events, and to working with all of our members. ABLE has truly taught me a lot, and I’m thankful for all the people that I have been introduced to.

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Jimmy Clyne

Events Coordinator


Majoring in Psychology with a Minor in Business Administration

I joined ABLE because I immediately wanted to become apart of something productive on campus. It just so happens that this club would be the place that enabled me to build myself as a full time student while preparing me for the professional world. After consistently attending meetings and events my entire freshman year I decided to go out for a position as an intern and then later Events Coordinator. I could not be more proud to be able to be apart of and represent such a hard working body of students and I'm very excited to see what the future holds in store for the club.

Intern Coordinator

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Brian Soden



Accounting Major with a Minor in Business

I started attending ABLE meetings Fall semester of freshmen year and knew I had to be a part of this club. The opportunities that ABLE provides and the networks they build makes this club one of a kind. The professional skills that I learned from the E-Board and staff are skills I will definitely use in the professional field in the future. I was given the opportunity to join E-Board as the Webmaster position in the spring semester of my sophomore year. The E-Board welcomed me with open arms and developed a complex skillset within me. I am excited to share my knowledge with all you members!

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Kyle McCarey

Community Service President


Business Administration Major with a Concentration in Financial Analysis Honors

Upon transferring to UAlbany I knew I wanted to be a part of clubs but I didn’t know what business clubs the school had to offer. I saw first learned of ABLE through a mass email from Jason and decided it would be worth it to at least go to informational. After listening to the people there (on Zoom) I was excited to learn about what ABLE could do for me. During my first semester there, I tried to be as actively involved as I could virtually by participating in meetings and community service drives. While it had been mentioned throughout the semester they would have open e-board positions, I never really considered trying for one until I got the email that they were accepting applications. I decided to apply even though I figured I was a long shot as I was only in my first semester at this new school and no one really knew me. Luckily, the e-board saw potential in me through my interview and offered me the position of Community Service President! I am so lucky that I responded to that email from Jason early in the semester as ABLE has been extremely rewarding and a great way for me to make great friends as a transfer in an unfamiliar place!